Area41 Konferenz 2020

Die Area41 Konferenz findet am 11./12. Juni 2020 in Zürich statt.

Security Technology und Research Talks, Networking etc.


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Schwachstelle in Apache Olingo OData 4.0

Das Compass Analysten-Team hat eine XXE-Schwachstelle in Apache Olingo OData 4.0 identifiziert. Weiterlesen

Schwachstelle in totemodata

Fabio Poloni hat eine XSS-Schwachstelle in totemodata® identifiziert. Weiterlesen

Schwachstelle in VeloCloud™

Silas Bärtsch hat eine Schwachstelle in VeloCloud™ (VMware) identifiziert, die es einem VeloCloud-Standard-Administrator erlaubt, auf... Weiterlesen


Compass Security Blog

Finding Active Directory attack paths using BloodHound

As a defender, you want to find and patch attack paths in your Active Directory environment. One cannot easily spot issues by looking at the Active Directory Users and Computers console, GPOs, etc.... mehr

Challenging Your Forensic Readiness with an Application-Level Ransomware Attack

Ransomware focuses on encrypting data on a filesystem-level, either locally on infected client systems or remotely on accessible file servers. However, what if ransomware would start encrypting data... mehr