Basel Economic Forum 2019

The Basel Economic Forum is the economic forum for the trinational metropolitan region of Basel and northwestern Switzerland. The 6th event will take place in November. This year's conference topic: "Data as a competitive advantage"

This year, the Basel Economic Forum (BEF) will be holding a conference entirely devoted to the topic "data" - because data are the drivers of economic and social development.

At the BEF, various experts will discuss the potentials and risks of data use with you.


Hack me if you can

Ivan Bütler, co-founder of Compass Security, will give a presentation on one thing in particular: Raising awareness on the issue of information security. He will show which methods hackers use to steal your data. He gives specific tips on how you can improve data security through your own behavior and technical precautions. 


The BEF will take place on Friday, 15 November 2019 at the Hyperion Hotel in Basel (CH).


The sponsors of the BEF, metrobasel and Kantons- und Stadtentwicklung Basel-Stadt, look forward to your participation. Please visit for detailed information about this event. 


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