Connecta 2019 - Digitalization takes center stage

Digitalization and its effects on society and business are the focus of this year's Connecta.

The event, organized by Swiss Post and PostFinance, brings leading personalities from the digital world, experts and interested parties to Bern.


The Connecta 2019 offers

  • over 90 speakers from a 12 countries,
  • over 40 hours of concentrated expert knowledge,
  • about 80 sessions to join in the discussion.


Compass co-founder Ivan Bütler talks about Fraud Prevention in Online Trading. He shows what cyber risks e-commerce is exposed to and how preventive action can minimize these risks.

His talk starts at 1.50 p.m in room 3.13


Connecta 2019 takes place on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at Welle7 in Bern.


Please conntact for more informatioan and for you registration.


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