IT Security for mid-size Companies

The IHK Region Stuttgart invites you to an information event on IT security on July 18, 2019. Jan-Tilo Kirchhoff from Compass Security Germany gives practical tips.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), region Stuttgart, is the voice of the district's economy. It offers a wide range of services for med-sized industrial, commercial and service companies.

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, IHK will organize an evening event on the subject of IT security - because more and more frequently small and med-sized companies are affected by digital attacks.

Compass Managing Director Jan-Tilo Kirchhoff will show what IT security and data protection are all about. He provides practical instructions and tips which sensitize and motivate to implement.

The event is aimed at managing directors and decision-makers who want to incorporate the knowledge gained into their company's IT security strategy.


Venue: IHK Region Stuttgard, Jägerstraße 49, 70174 Stuttgart


Detailed information can be found on the event website, as well as the link to registration from: Information event "IT-Sicherheit im Mittelstand #11"



Reference:  Werner Moser, 13.02.2014


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