KMU Swiss Forum 2020

The association «KMU Swiss» promotes the interaction between companies and specialists. He organises the annual KMU Swiss Forum. The next years motto is set: «Upheaveal in the Economy and the Society».


The world is in upheaval, we are facing major technological and social changes. The KMU Swiss Forum 2020 is dedicated to the most diverse challenges that we encounter in our social, private and professional environment.

These include communication, digital transformation, the importance of IT, teams - and security. Ivano Somaini, Regional Manager Zurich at Compass Security, shows the security risks Swiss SMEs face in relation to cybercrime.

What questions about IT security in your company are you concerned with? Come by our booth, we will provide you with our experience and some helpful information.


The KMU Swiss Forum will take place on Thursday, 19 March 2020 at the Trafo Baden.


Please klick KMU Swiss Forum 2020 to find furhter information about the event.


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