Swiss Cyber Hackathon 2019 / Zurich

Simulating Real World Cyber Scenarios – Educational Cyber Competition of Defending your Environment and Attacking your Opponents

Also this year SIGS (Security Interest Group Switzerland) is organizing the Swiss Cyber Hackathon.

On Thursday, September 26, teams will compete against each other in a CTF competition. Both attacking and defending at the same time!

The Hackathon is especially suitable for professionals who want to test and strengthen their cyber security skills. The target groups are SOC teams, software developers and other IT security experts.


Detailed information can be found on the SIGS website:

Take the opportunity to learn more about the CTF components and the conditions in  a WebEx session  on May 13 (incl. demo).

Attack & Defense

The Hackathon will take place in the Hacking-Lab. The online lab contains a variety of challenges that can be used to train and consolidate IT security skills. The platform is used for educational and training purposes in schools and universities, in companies also in the recruitment process. Various associations have set themselves the goal of promoting young cyber talents and motivating them for a professional career in IT security. They organize challenges based on the Hacking-Lab.



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