Badger Challenge

Secret Message

💝🚎🏯 🍜🎢🙅 🍜 🎢🙅🍜🚣 👧🍜🏉😷🙅🎢

Please decipher the secret emoji message above and send us the deciphered message. Do you need a hint? Please get your hint from our booth #909 during SecTor 2019 in Toronto.

Grab your Badge

We will  send you a digital badge for solvers of the of the badger challenge. Please send the solution to: 

Enjoy and H@ppy H@cking

Compass Security


Mini-CTF @ SecTor

Do you feel like playing a more comprehensive and real CTF? Join the SecTor Mini-CTF today.  Win CAD 250, 150 or 50 in Bitcoins. (SecTor Prizes)


Ask at booth #909 for the Access Token you need to redeem and join the CTF event.


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Beer-Talk in Zürich: Bluetooth Low Energy: Protocol, Security & Attacks

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Rein kommen wir meistens

In einem Interview in der Wirtschaftszeitung «Finanz und Wirtschaft» spricht Walter Sprenger über die Motivationsgründe und Methoden der Hacker. Read more

KMU im Visier von Cyberkriminellen

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Compass Security Blog

New SMBGhost Vulnerability Affects Modern Windows Systems

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Domain-Join Computers the Proper Way

When you add a new computer, it must first join the domain. If you use its future main user to do it, they'll become the owner and be able to hijack the computer to become a local administrator in... mehr