Informatica, i cavalli di troia fanno discutere

25.07.2015 ‒ Ivano Somaini in der Sendung "Teleregionale" auf RSI, 25. Juli 2015 Read more

Bitte brechen Sie bei uns ein

15.07.2015 ‒ Ivano Somaini von Compass Security Schweiz AG im Tages-Anzeiger vom 15. Juli 2015 Read more


Cyber Risks – from abstract risk to everyday reality

The Europa Institut at the University of Zurich (EIZ) is one of the leading centres of expertise for European Law and is an important provider of... Read more

Swiss Treasury Summit 2019

Das Schweizer Jahrestreffen der Treasurer - am 11. September 2019 an der HSLU in Rotkreuz. Read more

Cyber Security Days an der HSR

Das INS Institut für vernetzte Systeme und die Compass Security laden ein zur zweitägigen Cyber Security Veranstaltung an der HSR Hochschule für... Read more


Compass Security Blog

From Open Wi-Fi to WPA3

Security in Wi-Fi networks has been, at some point non-existent, then questioned, improved and questioned again over the last two decades. This post provides an overview over the latest developments... mehr

Practical OpenID Connect Pentesting

This post is intended to explain what you typically want to check for during an OpenID Connect assessment and also provide you with a guide to setup your own OpenID Connect test environment. mehr