Compass Security is strengthening its presence in cyber education

Offered at the HSR University of Applied Science in Rapperswil (Switzerland), the new degree programm is targeted at experienced IT professionals who want to specialize in cyber security. Compass Security is considerably involved in the development of the course.


The curriculum CAS Cyber Security is geared to provide theoretical and especially practical skills in the domain of cyber security.

Hands-on Training thanks to Hacking-Lab

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is the ideal platform to allow students to acquire and practice the methods to be mastered. Aliased HSR Cyber Security Lab, it is used initially to provide students with the basic skills required to follow lectures and later to allow them to work on exercises applying what they learned. The cyber range environment accessible by students directly via web lets students step into the shoes of both attackers and defenders. Different theories, scenarios and challenges cover the range of topics covered by the CAS.

Concentrated Competence

Compass’ presence in the new course goes way beyond the intensive use of the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range. Compass' co-founder Ivan Bütler pours his experience into the course design and a high number of subjects are taught by experts recruited from the Compass' current staff and alumni.

It’s great to share our knowledge with others and help up-skill the Swiss cyber security community!


More Info

The next course will start on Friday, October 9, 2020.

For more information please attend the (online) roadshows on June 25 or August 13 and find details on the HSR-website "CAS Cyber Security".


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