Fast and competent support in case of cyber incidients

The editorial staff of the Unternehmerzeitung has taken up the topic of cyber security again and in an interview sheds light on how the cooperation between penetration tester and auditor typically works and why specialization is key.

Find the full article in the attached PDF.

Despite all preventive measures, we recommend our customers to prepare for incidents and disasters as a precaution. Organisational and technical measures are also recommended in this area. Compass has been offering a Service Level Agreement for incidents since the beginning of the year, which guarantees the availability of specialists for handling and clarifying security incidents all year round during all hours of the day (24/7/365). 

Our offer is complementary to a Cyber Insurance. Meaning, where the insurance covers quantifiable damage, we can perform effective immediate assistance.


Details: 7/24 Incident Response Service


Are you interested? We will be happy to discuss your needs in a personal meeting.

Gian-Paul Civelli, Account Manager
+41 55 214 41 68





Picture credits:  /  March 2018


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