Learning from practitioners - Compass Security teaches at the HWZ

For the third time, Compass Security co-founder Ivan Bütler is involved in the CAS Digital Risk Management course at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zurich. Ivano Somaini, head of the Zurich region, is also a lecturer in the course, which starts in February.

The part-time course focuses on risks in the areas of infrastructure and reputation as well as in the area of markets and business models, which are to be addressed specifically in connection with digitalization.

Key Content

  • Cyber Security
  • Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Data Privacy
  • Shitstorms and Reputation Campaigners
  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Net Neutrality
  • Risk Insurance


Offensive Defense

Ivan Bütler says, „You have to practice to really be able to do it.“ He and his business partner Philipp Sieber structure their lessons according to this principle. In the Hacking-Lab, the online platform for ethical hacking, students learn how to detect and prevent attacks.

Human Weakness

Ivano Somaini has been working in social engineering for many years. He shows how social aspects can be exploited with ingenious attacks and how the human factor increasingly comes into the focus of attackers. "As a rule, people are good-natured. A social engineer exploits their helpfulness, fear and curiosity."


In these two teaching blocks, the participants immerse themselves in the methods, tools and tricks of attackers. In addition to theory, Compass Security imparts practical know-how and an understanding of current attacks and defense strategies. 


Detailed information on the CAS Digital Risk Management course can be found at the HWZ website: https://fh-hwz.ch/produkt/cas-digital-risk-management/ 




https://pixabay.com/de/internet-sicherheit-technologie-3374252/  /  May 2018


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