Partner for «Deutschland sicher im Netz»

The registered non-profit association DsiN provides comprehensive and independent information to consumers and businesses on issues of IT security. Compass Security Deutschland GmbH is committed to DsiN as a funding partner.

Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the association "Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V." engages with the varied topics of of the digital world.

Services for Consumers
DsiN offers comprehensive information in a wide range of themes such as secure online shopping, sensible Internet surfing, secure online payment methods, botnets, and much more. Beside checklists and guidelines you can also find helpful tools on our website.

Services for Companies
Another target group is small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). DsiN offers information to IT managers and employees to help get started with IT security.

Compass Security supports the association in its tasks. We provide know-how and are also involved in the development of DsiN projects, initiatives and events. Consumers and companies receive concrete assistance and can strengthen their IT security.







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