Compass Security supervises students writing a scientific paper on an aspect of IT security as part of their bachelor or master’s degree. We help students to link theory with practice, either on a subject of their own choosing or one of the current questions facing the security industry.

Papers written in cooperation with Compass Security:

Open Source Intelligence Training in Hacking-LabFlorian Falkner, Damian Dasser2023
Reverse Engineering LabsGianluca Nenz, Thomas Kleb, Ronny Müller2023
European Cyber Security Challenge 2022Marc Emch, Floris Staub2022
MISP - Malware Information Sharing PlatformJanis Wolf, Marius Zindel2022
Einsatzplanungstool für Compass SecurityAbdullah Almaz, Ursin Zimmermann2022
Security Operation Center LabAlexandra Diener2021
Einsatzplanungstool für Compass SecurityAbdullah Almaz, Ursin Zimmermann2022
RDP Man-in-the-MiddleAynkaran Sundralingam, Kevin Moro, Danusan Premananthan2021
MITB - Man in the BrowserAlexander Steiner, Sacha von Känel2021
Live Response Training Range mit VelociraptorSinthujan, Lohanathan, Severin Marti2020
Python3 for Security ProfessionalsAlexander Steiner, Sacha von Känel2020
Readinizer (Readiness Analyzer, Visualizer and Optimization)Lukas Kellenberger, Claudio Mattes2019
Readiness for Tailored Attacks and Lateral Movement DetectionLukas Kellenberger, Claudio Mattes2019
Emil on SteroidsSven Defatsch, Patrick Steinhäusl2018
Hacking-Lab 2.0Janick Engeler, Yanick Gubler2018
RFID WebauthentifizierungAndreas Eder, Pascal Kistler2017
Man-in-the-Browser DetectionMatthias Gabriel, Philip Schmid2017
Malware HuntingOliver Nietlispach, Roman Ehrbar2017
Fish Tank Suite - Proxy Redirection with Fake C&CSilvan Adrian, Fabian Binna2016
Forensic Triage KitMathias Vetsch, Luca Tännler2016
SAML2 Burp PluginRoland Bischofberger, Emanuel Duss2015
XSLT Processing Security and Server Request ForgeriesRoland Bischofberger, Emanuel Duss2014
Forensik virtueller MaschineChristian Wagner2014
Crypto-based security mechanisms in Windows and .NETAlexandre Herzog2013
Smart Energy SecurityCyrill Brunschwiler2013
Sicherheitskonzept für Webservices der Berner FachhochschuleSimon Gerber2012
NFC-SnifferFabian Vogt2012
Web Applikation Security am Beispiel eines Know-How Management SystemFelix Preussner2009