The company Inventx from Chur is the Swiss IT partner for banks and financial services providers, with offices in Chur, Brüttisellen and St. Gallen. It provides advice, information technology and application management services to leading financial and insurance service providers in Switzerland. Its holistic quality assurance and security concept enables it to meet even the highest demands of its customers.


In providing its services, Inventx is committed to ensuring the security of customer data and the operational reliability of the systems used.

In conversation with Thomas Fröhlich, Chief Information Security Officer at Inventx AG, we learned what moved Inventx to additionally make use of the DFIR service offered by Compass.

Compass DFIR customers benefit from day one, because the onboarding process defines procedures, workflows and prepares tools in case of an emergency.

Thomas Fröhlich, CISO, Inventx AG

24/7 Expertise

«We guarantee our customers high quality services. This also entails having to think of potential incidents which could interfere with our operating procedures and the customers' IT systems. With our own SOC (Security Operation Center) team, the usual incidents are already well covered. In the case of extraordinary incidents, sometimes profound forensic specialist knowledge is required. With years of experience, Compass provides us with such expertise. In addition, it is aware of our infrastructure and workflows. Together with the 24/7 standby duty of the Compass experts, we are able to react quickly and effectively to an incident in case of an emergency, if necessary jointly, and process the incident in detail. This saves time, reduces the extent of the damage, and is thus worth real money. 

In some areas we benefit from Compass' specialized knowledge. Even outside of an incident, we receive a third party opinion on IT security topics, including digital forensics. In a way, she is our sparring partner who also brings market opinions into our organization.»

The Most Important Thing Is Trust

«In regard to data privacy and data security, only a Swiss company can meet our expectations. Security is a sensitive topic in the financial environment in regard to customer data and foreign access. The cooperation needs to be based on absolute trust. In Compass Security, we have a partner which complements our operations most beneficially. We speak the same language, appreciate personal contact and represent the same values. Both sides know what to expect.”

Fulfilling Customer Requirements

«We regard the DFIR services of Compass Security as ideally complementing our own state-of-the-art Cyber Resilience Center - our SOC, known as ix.CRC. We thus do justice to our claim to have done everything in our power to guarantee security in our spheres of responsibility. Our customers, who are working in a highly regulatory environment and need to fulfill strict requirements in the field of information security, benefit from that as well.»

Service for Organizations, Both Great and Small

«I see the need for a DFIR service even for smaller companies that do not yet have an internal incident response management system. Compass DFIR customers benefit from day one, because the onboarding process defines procedures, workflows and prepares tools in case of an emergency.

But also for larger companies, for example those with a multi-provider strategy, Compass Security's DFIR service can be a helpful supplement or reinforcement. Having someone at your side who has an eye for the interaction of all the IT systems of a company and who could also take over the coordination in the event of an incident is very reassuring».


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