Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

There are not many industries where keeping up to date is as important as cyber security, but giving students and professionals a chance to get hands-on experience is a key factor to increasing cyber resilience. With the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range, staying current is not just easy, it's fun.

Area of Application


The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range offers lots of different ways of conveying, acquiring, evaluating of cyber security skills – in companies, at universities, colleges and high schools and of course to strengthen nations’ defensive teams. Read more


The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range allows cyber talents to showcase their skills and compete in a friendly setting. Team events such as CTF challenges or cyber security hackathons are great fun and help sharpening participants’ skills. Read more

The IT security lab offers a wide range of content in the most relevant areas of cyber security:

• Web Security / OWASP TOP 10
• Penetration Testing / Red-Teaming
• Exploitation / Covert Channels
• OS Security / Hardening
• Network Security / Data Exfiltration
• Forensics / Advanced Persistent Threats
• Reverse Engineering / Malware Analysis
• Cryptography
• Social Engineering / Phishing
• Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The platform is ideally suited for both traditional education and event-based (CTF – capture-the-flag) trainings. It offers a wide range of content in the most relevant areas of cyber security:


The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is accessible to users via the web 24/7 – without the requirement for a VPN connection. Organizations are typically set up with their own private tenant with individual styling, in which they can create and manage their own curricula and events, add content (theory, challenges & quizzes), administer participants & teachers, and report on users' progress, solutions and ranks.

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is actively developed and new features are added continuously. Equally, new content is created by both internal experts and external contributors and released to users on an ongoing basis.

In a typical year, more than 50 completely new challenges are created for different international contests and released for licensed use after the contests have concluded. Additional content is created for trainings and events open to individual subscribers or by the community and is released either after a review or "as is" (with an according note).

Key Facts

  • Hands-on practice-lab with conceptual background
  • Wide range of content in most relevant cyber security areas
  • Fully virtualized dedicated user environments
  • Web-based access (no VPN required)
  • Separate tenants for organizations
  • Automatic flag-based scoring
  • Use of pre-defined or individualized events or curricula