Managed Bug Bounty Service

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and so should your security measures. Independent bug hunters will be right there when new issues arise and therefore, contribute to continuously monitoring your networks, applications, code, and services to stay ahead of emerging threats. So, the community keeps a watchful eye on your digital fortresses, proactively identifying and helping to mitigate vulnerabilities as they arise.

Coverage Beyond Regular Testing

The managed Bug Bounty service complements penetration testing and is particularly suitable:

  • as a supplement to periodic testing in agile software development,
  • for monitoring non-critical updates and customizations,
  • for the establishment of the mindset that "an attack can always happen," and
  • as an independent further testing instance.

Bug bounty programs often have a more flexible definition and include components that aren't typically the subject of defined testing, in contrast to penetration testing, which has a fairly narrow scope. For example, a performance for a marketing campaign that runs for only 2 weeks. In any case, with a bug bounty program, you promote continuous security improvement and awareness of the permanent threat situation.

Additionally, bug hunters are only paid for valid vulnerabilities. This "pay-per-bug" model ensures that every time a bounty is due, you could increase security as a reward and get more precise reports in the future.

What Can Be Tested?

Bug Bounty programs attract skilled and passionate bug hunters from all over the world. They bring a wide variety of skills and competencies to the table, ensuring a diverse talent pool. The community covers the full spectrum of IT technologies, far beyond general knowledge of web applications, mobile applications, APIs, network infrastructure, and various programming languages - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customized Program Scope and Rules

We understand that every business is unique, and so are their security and compliance needs. That is why our managed Bug Bounty service allows you to define the scope of testing based on your specific requirements. You have full control over the testing process, ensuring that your crucial areas receive the most attention.

Will I Get Guidance?

Bug hunters do not just stop at identifying vulnerabilities, they go the extra mile: They describe the vulnerability in detail, provide reproducible procedures on how a vulnerability was exploited, and offer suggestions on how to fix it. 

We care about duplicate and false positive detection - you only get reports of genuine new vulnerabilities. 

We work closely with you in assessing vulnerabilities and making recommendations, so you can take the right actions and effectively improve the security of your organization.

Community Management

The bug hunters help you improve your company's IT security by disclosing and responsibly handling the vulnerabilities found in the Bug Bounty program.

We strive to work in partnership with the bug hunters. We also recognize and reward serious and capable players in the form of training, thus fostering a positive relationship.

Why Bug Bounty with Compass?

We draw on our 25 years of penetration testing experience to manage your bug bounty program, so you can spend more time moving your business forward.

  • Delineation of relevant bug bounty scopes
  • Categorization of your assets
  • Setting up guidelines and rules for program participation
  • Definition of bounty amounts
  • Detection of false positive reports
  • Triage of relevant reports
  • Ensuring reproducibility and quality of reports
  • Confirmation of criticality
  • Retesting of resolved vulnerabilities
  • Handling of pay-outs
  • Ensuring compliance with program policies and regulatory frameworks

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Reputation Boost

With our Bug Bounty program, you can proactively strive to protect and secure your digital assets, including customer data. This helps you earn the trust of your stakeholders and consumers. Strengthen the reputation of your business!


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