Secure Mobile Apps

Learning objectives

Get to know the most important security risks (OWASP Mobile Top 10) of mobile apps with the aid of intentionally vulnerable mobile apps for iPhone and Android. After an introduction into the security architecture of Android and iOS, you will be guided through various application vulnerabilities and the corresponding countermeasures. After the course you will be in a position to apply what you have learned to your company's mobile application projects and will gain the competence for secure development and evaluation (self-assessment) of mobile apps

Demarcation: The seminar is differentiated from the subject of MDM (Mobile Device Management) and focuses on the (in-)secure development of apps.


  • Introduction to the subject of  Secure Mobile Coding
    • OWASP Mobile Security Top 10
    • OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS)
    • Introduction to the Corellium environment
  • Overview of security architecture
    • Android Security
    • iOS Security Framework
  • Secure transmission of app data
    • Network analysis, Man-in-the-Middle
    • SSL Trust with expanded validation
  • Secure storage of sensitive app data
    • Encryption of data
    • Pitfalls when saving data
    • Encryption management
  • Secure Programming
    • User input, indexing, field completion
    • Efficient data encryption
    • Backup & Restore
    • Logging & Auditing & Memory Management
  • FIDO for Mobile
    • FIDO2 and WebAuthn
    • Passkeys
  • App-to-App Communication
    • Inter-Process Communication
    • Intents, Activities, Content Provider, Broadcasts, Services
    • Deep Links, Android App/Universal Links, Custom URL Schemes
  • Web-Views
    • Definition and Security Mechanisms
    • Differences to Custom Tabs and App Browser
    • Possible Attacks and Abuse Scenarios
  • Push Notification Services
    • Differences between APN, Firebase Cloud Messaging, PushKit
    • Lifecycle of Push Notification
    • Security and Privacy of Push Notification
  • Device Identification, App Attestation and Key Attestation
  • Malware & Jailbreak, Rooting
    • Jailbreak & Jailbreak detection
    • Effective protection against malware
  • Advanced App Analysis
    • Reverse engineering
    • Static and dynamic analysis
    • Source code analysis
    • Code obfuscation

Target group

Developers of iPhone and Android applications and those who are responsible for security and want to learn the current mobile threats.


  • Knowledge of programming not necessary
  • Good understanding of mobile devices advantageous
  • Ability to read and understand source code