FileBox is a solution for the secure exchange of documents and data - both with people from inside your company and with external partners.

It combines a high security standard with simplicity of use.


  • file sharing between users with a FileBox account
  • sending files securely to external partners
  • receiving files securely from external people

High Security Standards

Development and Hosting in Switzerland
We are headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona (Switzerland) and are responsible for the development and operation of the FileBox Solution. The primary data center for the hosting service (SaaS) is located right here in Switzerland, assuring the privacy of your data.

HTTPS and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
You can securely access the FileBox Solution via web browser over HTTPS. You can choose from different options for authentication and the two-factor authentication is built in.

Audit Trail
Any action performed on the FileBox Solution is recorded in the audit trail and can be reviewed at any time

Integrated Virus Protection
The FileBox Solution provides integrated virus protection. It helps you avoid sending or receiving malicious documents and data in the first place - and sending it to external collaborators.

Regular Security Checks (Penetration Tests)
The penetration tests by the analysts of Compass Security assure the expected very high security standards are met.


Sending Large Files
The FileBox Solution supports delivering and receiving very large files which could not be exchanged via e.g., encrypted email.

Multiple Tenants
You can operate multiple tenants on the same instance with completely separate users and data separated by "chinese walls".

Service Interface for Automation
The service interface allows the automation of recurring tasks like e.g., the dispatch of payroll letters to employee FileBoxes.

Integration of Third-Party Applications
The FileBox Agent makes it possible to securely send and receive documents from/to a third-party application such as e-banking or a health insurance application.

Contract Models

  Hosting Shared Hosting Plus Appliance Appliance Plus
Data Center Switzerland Switzerland at the customer at the customer
Backup by Cyber Defense by Cyber Defense by the customer by the customer
Infrastructure Vmware ESX (shared) Vmware ESX (dedicated) Vmware ESX or Hyper-V Vmware ESX or Hyper-V
Included Storage 20 GB (exbandable) 500 GB n/a n/a
Multiple tenants via Enterprise Admin -
Branding -
Active Directory Synchronization - -
FileBox Agent - - -

Key Facts

  • Secure delivery and reception of large data
  • Support for multiple tenants
  • Service interface for automation
  • Integration with third-party apps (FileBox Agent)
  • Audit trail
  • Integrated virus protection
  • Access via browser over HTTPS
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Development and hosting in Switzerland