Students acquire an in-depth understanding of cyber-attacks, hacking, social engineering, detection, incident response, hardening and mitigation through guided learning and applying methods both theoretically and practically. Finally, students can showcase their hands-on cyber security skills.

The platform is used in a wide range of classrooms, from high schools to universities of applied sciences internationally. Several international companies use Hacking-Lab as their core hands-on lab platform in their everyday training environment.

Key Facts

  • Ideal learning environment
  • Wide range of predefined content
  • Guided learning, practice and examination
  • Web-based classroom management
  • Step-by-step instruction guides

Success Stories

Swiss Federal Degree in ICT Vocational Training

ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz (ICT Vocational Training Switzerland) is the driving force behind ICT competencies in vocational education and training. The association is responsible for Federal Swiss Professional Degrees in Computer Science and Mediamatics and is the examining body for various Swiss Federal examinations in the ICT security sector.

For the professional examination for Cyber Security Specialists (EFA), the candidates must complete the five-hour practical exam in the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range. The highly practice-oriented exam setting simulates real-life threats and situations. The exam graduates must identify vulnerabilities, as they would in actual real-life systems, and must deal with challenges that require defense against specific cyber-attacks.

Advanced Training with a High Degree of Practical Relevance

The SIW Höhere Fachschule für Wirtschaft und Informatik AG was the first provider of this vocational, on-the-job preparatory course for the Swiss Federal Professional Examination as a Cyber Security Specialist.

The training institute attaches great importance to high levels of practical relevance. The basic theory is supplemented with hands-on learning and practice sessions in the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range, in addition to other activities. The test exam towards the end of the course, as well as the official exam in practical case management, takes place in the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range. This ensures optimal preparation, even within an exam setting.

Hands-on Lab for Students

The Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) uses the Hacking Lab both in the bachelor's degree program in computer science with a focus on cyber security and in the continuing education program CAS Cyber Security.

In coordination with the lecture topics, students work on practical tasks - individually or in groups, independent of time and place. In addition, OST lecturers also create their own teaching content.

The Hacking Lab Cyber Range is used to provide students with the opportunity for practical hands-on assignments from the topics of Penetration Testing, OSINT, Reverse Engineering, Mobile Security, Web Security, Forensics, and Incident Response.