CyberCompare - Provider Directory for Cybersecurity

Compass Security has been added to the Bosch CyberCompare provider directory. Here companies can find competent contacts for cybersecurity.

CyberCompare helps companies to make their IT, OT and IoT security easier, clearer and more affordable. Thanks to the provider directory, independent research for the right provider of security solutions and services is possible.

4 Steps Service for Companies:

  1. Assistance in defining the requirements
  2. Tendering of your security projects
  3. Preparation of offer comparison
  4. Support in choosing the right offer/partner


Compass Security Germany has been recently added to the CyberCompare provider directory. As a listed security service provider, we perform penetration tests and security reviews to assess IT security with regard to hacking attacks as well as to identify suitable measures to improve protection.


Detailed information to CyberCompare:

Link to the provider dictionary