FIRST - Together for Security

FIRST - The forum for Incident Response and Security Teams - pools cyber security expertise. Compass Security is now part of this global network.


Our incident responders are confronted with a variety of technologies as well as constantly changing attack techniques during emergency operations. They must be familiar with a wide range of forensic software and their problem-solving skills are also put to the test time and again.

In order to be able to support our customers immediately and in a qualified manner in an emergency, up-to-date know-how is required. Thanks to continuous training (SANS certification courses, technical/university courses, inter/national conferences, etc.), our own research work and our huge experience from customer projects, we stay on the ball in terms of knowledge. Now another element has been added: We have been accepted as a new member by the organization "FIRST - Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams".

Since 1990, the organization has brought together blue teams from around the world and provided a platform to share lessons learned from the countless incidents handled.

«FIRST membership allows us access to a wealth of experience in incident response. The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also provide us with the opportunity to delve deeper into targeted topics and share insights on them. Our overall goal is to be able to respond to cyber emergencies faster and in a more targeted manner thanks to collaboration and information sharing. A well-connected cyber security community is essential to stand up to cybercrime.»

Cyrill Brunschwiler, Managing Director von Compass Security Schweiz AG.


We are very pleased that we have convinced our two sponsors (two active FIRST members) and the membership committee of our expertise and that we met the accreditation requirements.


Compass Security Cyber Incident Response Team: