Hackers have to think and behave like criminals

Scope - a Credit Suisse publication designed to give you a deeper insight into the world of asset management and its global activities. In the July edition, Compass Regional Manager Bern, Ivano Somaini has been interviewed to the subject "Security".

Scope provides a platform for expertise and investment themes.

Here are some of the articles in the current issue:

  • Time to Rethink Returns – Interview with André Helfenstein, Head Institutional Clients, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Award-Winning Investments – Multi-factor index funds draw from multiple strengths
  • Megatrend Security – Risks are opportunities
  • Supply Chain Finance – Discover a new asset class


Ivano Somaini was interviewed to the key issue "Security" and gives an insight into the job of a Security Analyst and Social Engineer.

You can find the interview on pages 30 - 33 (see PDF below).


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