Compass Security employees regularly identify 0day security weaknesses in products, either during customer projects or during their research time. We report such vulnerabilities to the respective vendors and believe in coordinated disclosure, as long as the vendor acts in its and our clients’ best interests and provides us with regular and constructive feedback. If any of these conditions are not met, Compass Security might opt for full disclosure as defined in our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.



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Substitutable Message Service

Have you ever said something and later regretted it? Or written an email to someone and then wished it had not happened? Or sent an SMS message but afterward desired to change its content? Well,... mehr

Hidden Inbox Rules in Microsoft Exchange

Contents Introduction Attack Overview Step-by-Step Detection Email Clients Administration Tools Exchange Compliance Features MAPI Editor Eradication Microsoft Security Response Center Swiss Cyber... mehr

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HSR opportunities and risks of the digitalization - what it means to the job market in the ICT industry

In the advanced training course BSLB / RAV / IV of the HSR Hochschule für Technik the topic "Opportunities and risks of digitalization and the labour... Read more

Hacker Workshop für Mädchen bei Compass Security

Es gibt nicht viele Frauen in technischen Berufen. Das Programm "Swiss TecLadies" möchte dies ändern und initiiert Veranstaltungen und Workshops zur... Read more

Über 100'000 User auf

Auf der Online-Plattform Hacking-Lab hat sich am 29. Oktober 2018 der 100'000ste User registriert! Was vor über 10 Jahren aus einer Idee von Compass... Read more